We support your discovery and development needs in wide-ranging platforms.  Our service
formats are flexible: assay-, project-, hourly-, or FTE- based.
Discovery Biology Services
Project Management
At Your Service,U-Pharm Style
Discovery Biology Services:
Functional assays and screening, e.g.,
Measurements: Ca2+, cAMP, PI, membrane potential,
transport, phosphorylation, DMR
Methods: fluorescence (FI, FP, FRET, TRF),
luminescence, label-free, radioactivity
Radioligand binding and radiochemical assays
Reagent (e.g., cell line) development
Protein purification
Compound screening & target selectivity profiling
Mechanism of action characterization
Discovery project management
Clinical document management
Scientific writing
Project Management:

Protein binding, solubility, stability
Drug metabolism, drug-drug interaction
In vivo PK and ADME
Bioreactors/metabolite Synthesis

SAR assessment
custom Synthesis
ADME-DMPK, Safety-Tox:
Medicinal Chemistry:

Collaboration is critical for resource sharing, risk
mitigation, and strategic alliance.

At U-Pharm, quality service to our collaborators is the
fundamental element of our intellectual aspirations to
successful partnerships.  

We have engaged in various types of mutually
productive collaborations with virtual, small to large
pharma and biotech companies as well as universities.
Bioanalysis: In vitro, in vivo, fluid and tissue samples;
Method development

Pharmaceutical analysis: stability, formulation
development, method developme
Bio-Analytical Chemistry:
Medicinal Chemistry
Bip-Analytical Chemistry
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