The pharmaceutical and biotech industries face many challenges and have been going through
numerous changes.  Some key challenges include the ever-increasing cost and complex biological
mechanisms involved in product development.  

U-Pharm Laboratories, located in Parsippany, New Jersey, is aimed to help your drug discovery
organizations meet these challenges.   Whether your company is large or small, we are capable of
supporting your firm with our dedicated pharmacology and discovery services.
About U-Pharm Laboratories
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Provide the unmet needs in bioactive compound and drug discovery functions with our
established labs, state-of-the-art instruments, and experienced R&D scientists;
Perform routine and high-maintenance assays to enhance discovery efficiency;
Provide critical and flexible supports for early biotech start-ups;
We are external to your organization yet within your easy and local access.
Our service area are broad, including:

Drug targets:  GPCRs, PDEs, transporters, ion channels, nuclear receptors, kinases and
other enzymes.
Industries:  Biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage
Therapeutic areas:  Oncology, CNS, pain, inflammation, metabolic diseases
About Us
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Accelerate drug discovery
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